8.1 The shipping costs are entirely borne by the Customer and are expressly indicated in the Order Confirmation pursuant to Art. 6.

8.2 The Products shall be delivered by express courier. In order to ensure the products are kept fresh and preserved properly and to prevent them from being kept stored in the courier’s warehouses for longer than necessary, EMILIA FOOD LOVE has decided to fulfil the orders as follows:

  1. a) for Orders placed between March and September, shipments shall be made on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Therefore, pursuant to Art. 6.3, Orders confirmed between Thursday and Sunday shall be processed on the Monday of the following week. It should be noted that during said period between March and September, if deemed appropriate by EMILIA FOOD LOVE, the Products can be packed in special insulated containers with ice gel to limit any changes in temperature and preserve the organoleptic features of the Products.
  2. b) for orders placed between October and February, shipments to Italy and Europe shall be made from Monday to Friday. It should be noted that during said period between October and February, if deemed appropriate by EMILIA FOOD LOVE, the Products can be packed in special polystyrene containers with ice gel to protect them from bumps and temperature variations.

EMILIA FOOD LOVE offers different shipping methods:


GLS courier: the Products shall be delivered approximately within 24 - 48 working hours from the Order Confirmation.

DHL FOOD Express courier: the Products shall be delivered approximately within 24 - 48 hours from the Order Confirmation.


DHL FOOD Express courier: (shipped by air) the Products shall be delivered approximately within 24 - 48 working hours from the Order Confirmation to most European locations.

For the specific shipment and delivery methods of the Products, the Customer can access the “Shipments and Deliveries” sections in the Help and Contacts area described in the footer of the Online Shop. The instructions in this section form an integral and substantial part of the General Terms of Sale and are therefore fully known and accepted by the Customer when the Order is placed.

8.3 We recommend that Customers pay special attention when entering the parcel delivery data (house number, name on the doorbell, extension number, stairs, etc.) in order to avoid any problems. EMILIA FOOD LOVE declines any liability and the Customer does not have the right to claim for any damages or compensation due to missed or delayed deliveries resulting from errors, inaccuracies or shortcomings concerning the delivery address specified by the Customer in the Order.

8.4 The Products are delivered by the courier chosen by EMILIA FOOD LOVE and delivered to the address specified by the Customer upon registration, pursuant to Art. 3, or to a different address specified when the Order is placed.

8.5 The Delivery terms referred to in paragraph 8.2 and in the “Shipments and Deliveries” section can be subject to changes due to simultaneous access by several Customers, and for reasons due to third party suppliers: these delivery terms cannot, therefore, be deemed as binding. EMILIA FOOD LOVE, therefore, neither undertakes nor guarantees that the delivery times specified in the Online Shop and/or on the Order Confirmation are met and shall not be held liable for any delays. EMILIA FOOD LOVE, moreover, shall not be held liable for any delays and/or inaccuracies and/or damages to the delivery that are attributable solely to the activities of the express courier in charge of the shipment.

8.6 Below are the days in which the courier, according to its own terms of service, does not deliver:

  1. Saturdays and Sundays
  2. bank holidays
  3. when the road haulage companies are closed for the summer holidays
  4. on days and during the hours road circulation on town roads and/or motorways is prohibited due to administrative provisions
  5. on the days in which warehouses and/or offices, shops and businesses remain closed due to local custom or provisions by Public Authorities
  6. due to force majeure or fortuitous events.

8.7 The Customers, or other parties entrusted by the Customers, who are at the address indicated on the Order Confirmation for delivery of the Products, are required to check, at the time of delivery, that: (i) the number and type of Products are as specified on the shipment document/accompanying Invoice; (ii) the package/parcel of the Products is intact, not damaged or altered in any way.

8.8 Any damage to the package/parcel of the Products must immediately be notified by the Customers or by their representatives in writing on the proof of delivery. It is understood that, once the delivery document has been signed without any written notification, Customers can no longer make any claim to EMILIA FOOD LOVE on the appearance of that delivered.

8.9 The Products can be delivered only to Customers or persons authorised by them. The representative to whom the Products are delivered must sign to authenticate the delivery. Deliveries are not made to PO boxes and Products shall not be pushed through letterboxes or similar.


9.1 Shipping costs are free for orders over €49.00 placed by Consumer Customers for shipment to Italy, excluding out-of-the-way locations and islands; free for orders over 150€ in Europe.

9.2 In all other cases the shipping costs shall be automatically calculated according to the type of Delivery chosen by the Customer from those specified in Art. 8.2. Shipping costs shall be specified separately from the Price of the Product, before the Order is placed by the Customer, as required in Art. 4.4.

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